12 Things I've Learned in College


1. Don't Take an 8am

Just because your high school started at 7:30am, doesn't mean that it's easy to get up for your 8 am class. Most of the time, I'm rolling out of bed, brushing my teeth, and running out the door. I suggest 9 or 10 am classes -- so much easier!

2. You Won't Wear Makeup Everyday

This is coming from the girl that wore a full face of makeup every day in high school; but not here. I save the makeup for the weekends and let my skin breathe the rest of the time. Or, if you're really feeling it, use your best no-makeup-makeup. It also saves money, thank goodness.

3. You'll Wear Leggings A Lot

When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. I hardly ever wore leggings until I got to school, but let me tell you, they are comfortable and easy, which is all you need.

4. You'll Get Sick

Being in close quarters with all new people, can be fun at times, but when it comes to germs and bacteria, it's all over the place. Just about everyone I know living in the dorms, has been sick for weeks. It comes in handy to have a Health Center on campus.

5. Coffee Solves Problems

When you were up until 2 am studying and you have an 8 am in the morning, coffee helps. When you have a 90 minute class that is hard to stay awake in, coffee helps. The list could go on, but I'm just gonna leave it there, because if you're like me, you already love coffee and you don't need any convincing.

6. You Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are

It's not always the easiest thing to move on from friendships from the past, but sometimes it is the best thing to do. While it is always good to stay in touch with your people from back home, the people you meet at school are the people that are going to be there for you through all the stress and issues that the college life brings you. They are the ones that are in it for the long haul.

7. You Will Get Tired of the Dining Halls

All you can eat food, all the time, doesn't sound bad; well, maybe not if you're trying to stay healthy... But, having the same food every week gets really tiring. It's best to keep some good (and healthy) food in your dorm to eat when you really don't want anything from the dining hall.

8. You Don't Need All of Your T-shirts from High School

I had already heard this when I came to school, so I brought very few t-shirts with me, but I'll be honest and tell y'all that I have already taken those few t-shirts home. The amount of free shirts you get at school is crazy, and you probably won't even need to buy more yourself. And most of the time, you'll be lounging in your favorite sweatshirt you got from the school bookstore.

9. Enjoy the Single Life

This may sound strange, but I can't help but be thankful for coming to college without any attachments. Already, I have come across many people that have had some rifts in their long distance relationships and they all agree that they are very difficult. While they may work out, it's so much less stressful not to even be in that situation. Enjoy being independent women & men.

10. Join Greek Life

Being in a sorority has already changed my life for the better. Already, I have had some of my best, most memorable times with my girls. To read more about my rush experience & why I joined Greek life, read I Ran Home.

11. Go To The Gym

Although it may not be what you really want to do in your free time, you won't regret it. It's the best stress reliever and helps you stay in shape so you don't gain that dreaded Freshman Fifteen.

12. Eat Ice Cream

Maybe this is just me, but hopefully someone can relate; after going to the gym and exercising, indulge yourself with some ice cream. Sometimes, it just makes you feel better and makes you happy.