15 Outfits Every College Student Should Wear


Recently, I came across an article that was titled "15 Outfits Every College Student Wears." As I was reading it, I couldn't help but realize that it was completely true for the overwhelming majority of students on my campus (and occasionally myself....woops.) But as a fashion student, and now a fashion blogger (still weird to say), I also can't help myself from cringing when I think of myself wearing some of those outfits. So, I decided to come up with alternatives, that are not only more appealing, but you'll also look like you put a little bit more thought into your appearance than you actually did.

1. First Week "Cute Outfits"

This may be the only one I can nod my head yes to, so here is one of my favorite looks that I think would be perfect for the first week of school or for a day when you just feel like looking cute.

2. Workout Attire

While this is not the worst outfit of the bunch, I highly suggest investing into some cute athletic wear, instead of wearing the same workout pants that you've worn for the last five years, but have not even been to gym once. For me, wearing cute athletic wear makes me want to go work out even more, so use it to your advantage. I don't know about you, but I'm not trying to gain the freshman fifteen.

3. Sweatpants

For me, sweatpants are meant for cozy, lazy days in the house but for some people it is an everyday necessity. In order to still have the comfort of sweatpants but be on trend, I suggest joggers.

4. Pajamas

Unless your pajamas are leggings and a tshirt, just don't do it... Just because you rolled out of bed and went right to class, doesn't mean you need to look like you did just that.

5. Leggings

I will be completely honest and say leggings are one of my favorite inventions ever. They are perfect for when you want to be comfortable but still look cute. This is my go-to outfit for school when I want to lounge in my leggings but still look halfway decent at the same time.

6. Clothes that should have been washed three days ago

Don't lie to yourself. We all do it. Even me. Even though the washer & dryer are less than a two minute walk downstairs, I can always find an excuse not to wash my clothes. That's why I wear jeans so much. Jeans and any type of denim are the easiest because you can go over a week without washing them (and its suggested you do so, to keep the denim in good shape longer).

7. Dresses

Let's be real now. The only time you are wearing dresses is when all of your clothes are dirty and that's all you have left in your closet, or you're trying to look cute for that guy that's always looking at you in that one class. Either way, the dresses aren't normally the most comfortable. But these are! They are going to be perfect with boots & blanket scarves too, when cold weather finally comes around.

8. Clothes From High School

More than likely, the clothes you are wearing from high school are your hundreds of t-shirts you have from every football game, every time your school went to state, and of course for Prom and Homecoming. But, it's time to put those t-shirts away and replace them with shirts that are just as comfortable, but even cuter.

9. Free T-Shirts Given Out by Your School

I have only been at SIUC for less than two months at this point and I can't even count the number of free shirts I have received on both of my hands. But mine don't look like just any plain, old t-shirt. I like to be extra sometimes and cut them up to make them look super cute. Here are some of my favorite ways to re-design my favorite t-shirts.

Pinterest is perfect for learning how to cut your t-shirts!

10. Shorts that are way too short

Now, I realize that you have what you call your "party shorts." But, that doesn't mean you should wear them to class, even if the rest of your pants are dirty. My suggestion is to have at least one pair of denim shorts that you can wear to class and not get stares.

11. Oversized T-shirts & Nike Pros

While I understand the comfort of wearing an oversized t-shirt and nike pros, I also know that's what I wear to bed... and we already talked about not wearing our pajamas to class. So, here is a semi-okay alternative.

12. Those Pants You Slept in Last Night

Leggings and athletic shorts are the best for this. It's easy to put them on at night and roll right out of bed in the morning. So here are some of my favorites.

13. Sandals & Flip Flops

Sandals and Flip Flops are some of my favorite kinds of shoes to wear because it's so easy just to slip them on and run out the door when you're late...which I am way more often than I would like to admit.

14. Your Favorite Hoodie

My favorite may be a little bit different than yours because my favorite sweatshirt is a SIUC one. But let's be real. Any hoodie or sweatshirt feels amazing and you probably wear it way too much. But it's okay because when you're in college, I feel like sweatshirts are kind of a requirement.

15. I have a presentation at 2:15 Look

I've been lucky so far, and haven't had a presentation yet, but if I did, this is probably the outfit I would wear.

Nude Heels / High Waisted Striped Wide Leg Pant / Velvet Floral Top / Beaded Tassel Earrings (less than $12 with discount code RHINESTONEDGYPSY29)