My Christmas List


While the Holidays are a time of giving, you can't help but be excited for all of the things you'll find with your name on it under the Christmas tree. Here is my Christmas list and hopefully it will help you get some ideas about what you want or what you want to get for someone.

Read until the end to get links to my Thanksgiving Outfit that is under $90 on Black Friday! :)

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks are my all-time favorite liquid lipsticks. They are incredibly pigmented, they do not dry out my lips, and they last for hours on end. As you can tell, my favorite colors are all different shades of nude but that is because they are the perfect colors for year-round wear and they go with everything.

$18 each

Bite Beauty is known for their amazing lip products, including their Agave lip mask. After hearing many beauty youtubers talk about how amazing it is, I decided that I needed to try it. I made a trip to my Sephora and asked for a sample. Turns out, they were absolutely right; it was the most rejuvenating, hydrating, and overall perfect lip mask. No wonder it's on my Christmas list.


The Quay Australia High Key Sunglasses are my favorite style ever. I got the Gold ones for my birthday and I have not stopped wearing them since. So, of course I want another color.


Sorority wear will now forever be on my lists. It's just about all I wear around campus now. This Holiday Bundle is perfect, as I have been wanting each of these pieces on their own. Last day to order bundles to make sure they are shipped in time for Christmas is December 2nd!

$51.29 w/ code GPETERSEN17

While it may be very hard to believe, I have never owned a pair of Lululemon leggings. I have always liked them but I stayed loyal to my favorite Calvin Klein leggings. But, now it seems I go through leggings like crazy, so I would love to have a really nice pair that I know I can count on.


The Etsy Shop, Oh So Lovely, is one of my favorite Etsy shops ever. The custom bracelets and necklaces are all one-of-a-kind and super adorable. I can't help but want every single thing she makes. This wrap bracelet definitely caught my attention.


After wearing my loving, inexpensive, duck boots for a few years, they have decided to give up on me. Literally; they are falling apart. And knowing how much I have been wearing my other ones across campus, I may be in need of a new pair.


My all-time favorite mascara is the Tarte Cosmetics Lights Camera Lashes. It makes my eyelashes both voluminous and long. Whenever I wear this mascara, I always get questions asking if they're my real lashes. So, of course, I need more.


I started the school year off with a super cute, cheap umbrella from Ikea but after it let me down one morning when it started hailing on my way to class, I decided it may be a good idea to ask for a better umbrella. This one is a super cute monogram, but I would want black letters instead of blue.


Being a fashion blogger and someone who posts regularly on the beloved Instagram, it is always easiest to shoot quick pics on my phone. But, they don't always look as nice as the pics taken with the 'big camera.' Therefore, after doing some research for my Christmas Gift Guide, I realized that I, too, would love to have an attachable camera lens for my iPhone.


My Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit

Each of these pieces will be on sale for BLACK FRIDAY! The earrings and pants are part of a Buy One, Get one 75% off! This sweater is already on sale for only $19! And the shoes, despite looking quite expensive, are only $24! That means, you can get this outfit for less than $90.

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