My Favorite Affordable Boutiques


I know when we think about affordable fashion, especially as college-aged students, our minds automatically drift to stores like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and online stores like Which are all great stores, don't get me wrong, but in my experience, the clothes don't last as long as they should, and it ends up being more expensive to continue to buy products after some of your pieces break, get worn out quickly, or the fabric lets you down completely. And on top of that, the pieces you purchase from those stores are the same pieces that hundreds of thousands of people have. What is the fun in that? I don't know about you, but I enjoy being unique in my fashion, while staying on trend. That is why I enjoy shopping at the places listed below (I even picked out some of the best deals going on right now!). While some of them are more pricey than say, Forever 21, the clothes last a long time and hardly anyone else has them, so that means you get a lot of compliments....don't lie, us women love getting compliments on our outfits.

Glamour Farms

Glamour Farms is an adorable boutique nestled in the middle of nowhere in Southern Illinois. But they're online audience is astonishing for such a small boutique with almost 100k followers on Facebook and 17k followers on Instagram. But don't let this scare you with that unique factor- they only carry a certain number of each item, and they sell out quick! Some of my favorite pieces of all time have come from here & it looks like I'll be needing to put in an order soon because their new fall arrivals are an absolute necessity. Here are a few of my favorites. Shop them online here.

Everest & Co.

This online boutique is based out of Nashville, TN which gives it it's unique style. Their style is also perfect for college students. They focus on basics quite a bit, which if you read my piece on 15 Things College Students Should Wear , then you would know why I love them. Also, if use my code GABRIELLE10 at checkout, you get 10% off your order (prices listed below with discount). Here are a few of my favorite pieces right now. Shop them online here.

The Lace Cactus

No doubt, you may have already heard of the Lace Cactus. After all, it was voted the #1 Boutique worldwide this year. While, the products they sell may be a step out of your comfort zone, it is the perfect place to find unique items. And if you're looking for anything to wear to the rodeo, state fair, or a country concert, this is the perfect place to look. Just about everything on the site will match your favorite pair of cowgirl boots. Shop them online here.

Modern Vintage Boutique

Modern Vintage Boutique has basically every outfit that you have pinned on your fashion wish list on Pinterest. Seriously. Especailly their new fall arrivals. Make sure to check out all of their boots too because oh. my. gosh. they are the cutest boots ever. Shop them online here.

Luca & Grae

Luca & Grae is an online boutique that is owned by popular social media couple, Aspyn and Parker Ferris. Aspyn is known for her unique fashion style on her Youtube channel. Which made perfect sense when she announced she would be opening up her own online boutique. And I have to admit, I absolutely love their pieces. They also just announced that they will be having a huge Black Friday sale, so stay tuned. Shop them online here.

Vibrant Vida Boutique

Vibrant Vida Boutique is one of my favorite boutiques of all time, located in Lebanon, IL. I discovered them about two years ago when a friend from school told me that was where she got the majority of her clothes. Over the years, I have gotten know the owner and the employees, and I have to say that they are some of the most down-to-earth people. Vibrant Vida is a boutique that focuses on empowering women; they have signs hanging up that say things like, "Be Vibrant," "Be Strong," and many more encouraging sayings. Make sure to stop in store and tell them I sent you! Or if you aren't from the area, follow them on Instagram, where you can comment your size and email address & have it sent to you.

Tribe Kelley

Tribe Kelley is definitely not the most affordable of the bunch. However, it's is one of those places that I think is cool to have at least one piece from. Everything is handmade, and there are very few of each piece. One of my all-time favorite pieces is a distressed yellow tunic tee - sadly, they no longer sell it. But, I love looking at their website every now and then (especially in the sale section!) to see what new and, especially, unique pieces they have. Also, it doesn't hurt to shop some of the men's pieces either...most of the time, their basics fit the women too. Shop them online here.

Pearls and Rocks

Pearls and Rocks is my all time favorite online accessories boutique. And if you've been following me for a while, you would know that I wear their stuff all of the time and more than 75% of all of my accessories are from there. Their collections are always on trend, good quality, and still way affordable, even without my discount code. Use the code RHINESTONEDGYSPY29 for 20% off your entire purchase every. single. time. Prices listed below are with my code. Shop them online here.