I Ran Home


If you're anything like me, you never imagined being one of those stereotypical, college sorority girls...you know like those Instagram models that people follow just because they look perfect and their lives look really fun and interesting? Yeah well, I never imagined being one of those either.  Except it's not even like that. I have only been a part of this sisterhood for a few days and already my life has changed for the better; and I am super thankful for my friends for convincing me to rush. Read all about my experience....

The Nerve-Wracking Part of Rush

Day 1

As someone who never really cared about Greek life, I had absolutely no idea what to expect on the first day. I knew that we would be meeting all of the sororities, but to be honest, I didn't even know all of their names...and I definitely didn't know which letters went with which chapter. So after visiting, meeting, and learning about all five sororities, I went home and looked up "Greek Life Vocabulary" because I am only somewhat ashamed to say I didn't know what they were saying half the time. At this point I had narrowed down my choices to three sororities. I just had to wait the next day to see which ones had asked to have me back.




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Day 2

On the second day, we all got our name tags that had all of the chapters that asked us back listed on it. I had been asked back to three of them, two of which were in my top three (so I was incredibly relieved). On this day we learned all about the philanthropies of each of the chapters. This is also the day that I realized how wrong I was about Greek life. Just like most of the world, I had all of those stereotypes stuck in my head; but it turns out, they (we) actually do a lot to help our communities and people all around the country. I am now blessed to be a part of that. At the end of the day, we had to choose our top two, because the next day would be our final visit, and then it was time to decide.

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Day 3

I went into the third day thinking that my decision would be hard. I had narrowed down my choices to two, but I wasn't sure which one was right. However, after visiting both chapters, I knew. It was like that prom/wedding dress feeling (like on Say Yes to the Dress?). As soon as I walked out of the room of my top choice, I knew I had found my home, I knew I had just talked to the girls that would soon become my sisters, I knew that the next four years would be amazing because of them.



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I'll be honest, I woke up with butterflies in my belly. While I knew where I wanted to end up, there was always a chance that they didn't choose me. However, I knew that no matter where I ended up, it would be where I was supposed to be. The bad thing was I had to wait all day and go to class before I found out. But, the time finally came around. I was handed my letter and on it, it said "Gamma Omega Chapter cordially invites you to become a new member at Delta Zeta." I literally started jumping for joy. And on top of that, two of my best friends were invited into DZ too! After taking tons of snapchats of my invitation and our brand new, adorable tank tops, it was time to RUN HOME. I never really understood what that meant, but as we were walking to the area where all of the chapters were waiting for us, I understood. As soon as we heard them chanting, we ran. I probably ran faster than I ever had before. I couldn't help it, I was running home to my sisters. And I am still shocked by the love I have already felt by my new family and my home away from home.

To my new sisters,

I love you all and I am so happy to share this new journey with you.

To the girls that never thought they would be 'one of those girls,'

You can be. It's not about the looks, it's not about the partying, it's about spending the next four years with a family of girls that help you, push you, and are always there to pick you up when you are down.