The First Week of The Next Four Years


Whether you've been to college or not, I'm sure you can imagine how hectic the first week of school can be. For me, I got to move in a day earlier than everyone else, which made my life much less chaotic. Having an extra day to decorate my dorm room, explore campus, and yes, pick out all my outfits for the first week of school.

Here, at SIUC, our color is maroon, so of course, I had to wear our color on the first day of school. After picking out my quite simple top ($9.99), I needed some high-waisted shorts to go with it. When I tell you I almost had a panic attack, well, I definitely had a panic attack when I realized I only brought one pair of denim shorts. So, what did I do? I hopped in the car and drove myself to Goodwill. In total, I spent $12.95 for what would be my 3 favorite pairs of denim shorts. As soon as I got back to my dorm, I went to work. I cut the bottoms off, I distressed the cuttoff with a pair of tweezers (it's amazing how resourceful you become when you get to college!), and cut some holes in the bottom. I topped it off with my belt and I was actually quite happy with my outfit. All that was left was my accessories. I added one of my favorite, custom bracelets from my favorite Etsy store. And lastly, my shoes; I am not ashamed at all to say that these are the second pair of the exact same shoes because I wear them literally everyday. But, I mean look at how cute they are! What makes them even cuter is that they are Lauren Conrad and they're still only $9.99 right now. See below for outfit details and links to everything!