Personal Online Styling Sessions

Are you lacking important pieces in your closet? Are you in search for a new wardrobe? Do you need help finding an outfit for an event? You came to the right place!

This is how it works:

After filling out the questionnaire, and uploading 'inspiration' pictures, I will create one complete outfit for you. I will then email you the links to each piece of the outfit. A complete outfit includes, a dress/jumpsuit, or top and bottom, with shoes, and appropriate accessories, all within the given price range. From this, you may explain which pieces are to your liking. When the outfit is to your liking, and you would like me to continue, I will then create a personal website page just for your outfits, complete with links, prices, and fit. A PayPal invoice will be sent as soon as the personal website link is sent. If no outfit is to your liking, the payment is not expected. Each personal website will be kept open for future styling sessions and may be accessed anytime after. For more information, simply leave your name and email. If you would like to go ahead and book a styling session, complete the questions below.

For more information,


Single Complete Outfit


5 Complete Outfits


10 Complete Outfits


20 Complete Outfits


If you choose to purchase a complete outfit from the links sent, you may send pictures of each receipt, and you will receive $5 off.


Fill out this questionnaire, so that I may find it easier to style best fitting for your wants and needs. If you leave your Instagram and/or Pinterest name below, it can also help. If you leave your Pinterest name, please create a board called 'Fashion Inspiration,' so that I may get inspiration to create your looks. Keep an eye on your email and I'm excited to help transform your closet!

Only fill out what is applicable.