Top 13 Major Trends for Fall/Winter 2017


According to Vogue, these are the top 13 Major Trends for Fall and Winter 2017. Of course, most people can't spend thousands of dollars to get the look right off the runway. Therefore, I have searched high and low to find y'all the most pocketbook-friendly finds that still follow Vogue's Top 13 Trends of the season.

1. The Future is Now

As seen in shows from Saint Laurent and Chanel, sci-fi and futuristic inspired metallics can be used to make a statement during the season. Personally, I think a holiday party would be perfect to wear your favorite high-shine piece. Here are a few of my favorites.

2. Pantsuit Nation

Possibly inspired by the Pantsuit queen, Hillary Clinton, designers other than Chanel have made a huge shift towards pantsuits. Some of my favorites being from Victoria Beckham and Altuzarra. However, these are some of my favorite affordable versions.

3. Red & Ready

As seen on the runway from Prada and Donatella Versace, a bright cherry red will be taking over this winter. Red has always been one of my favorite colors to wear during the holiday season, so I can't wait to wear it even more this year.

4. The Right Puff

Forget the normal fur vests and coats and opt for a bright, colorful puff jacket or coat. This trend will be perfect for slaying street-style fashion. Or, opt for a more neutral color to wear everyday.

5. No Pants, No Problem

I'll admit, this one is a little questionable, but it is the season of sweater dresses and oversized clothes so why not?

6. She's Crafty

Many new patterns and even cultural colored patterns appeared in runway shows like Calvin Klein and Alexander McQeen. I am already searching for a Thanksgiving dinner outfit with a unique pattern, so this trend is perfect. Here are some of my favorites.

7. Shear Genius

As it gets cooler, a warm jacket or coat is an absolute necessity, especially when you are walking all over campus. To add a little extra warmth, as well as an added fashion statement, go for a jacket or coat with fur or "shear" on it.

8. Flights of Fancy

The feather-ful cocktail dresses seen on the runways of Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen has not yet reached the middle market yet. However, I have picked out some of my favorite cocktail dresses that would be perfect for holiday parties.

9. Rose Bowl

Roses have always been Fall's favorite floral, and mine too. I absolutely love how it adds a beautiful pop of color to any outfit or basic.

10. Strike a Chord

Believe it or not, corduroy is back. It made many appearances on the runway for Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch and it has already been seen in stores like Forever21 in their button up skirts. Chances are, you may already have one, so hey, you're ahead of the trend.

Button Up Skirt ($17.99) / Jacket ($22.99) / Burgundy Pants ($59) / Skirt Overall ($69)

11. Ski Patrol

Finally, those "ugly" Christmas sweaters you get every year are actually trending. But, you won't see me complaining. They are absolutely perfect for the Holidays and so, so comfortable. A big, comfy, warm sweater will feel amazing on those cold, winter days walking to class.

12. String Theory

I am so happy that one of my favorite trends of all time is back: fringe. I have always loved fringe and the whole flapper look, as well as the 70s version, so this makes me super happy. I already have my eye on all of these pieces.

13. Crossword

No surprise, graphic tees and slogans made many appearances on the runways. This is a trend that has already been seen on fashion it-girls, famous Instagram accounts, and in some cases, protests for feminism (aka "The Future is Female" slogan). Here are some of my favorites.