Spring Break 2018: Beach Vacay


Spring Break on the beach? Yes Please!

Ultimate Beach Spring Break Packing List

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Okay, maybe not a yellow polka dot bikini, but you do need a swimsuit that's fashion forward, inexpensive, will keep you up (if you know what i'm saying), and above all, make you feel good!

Super Cute Beach Towel

Gotta help make those beach pics Insta-worthy somehow!

Use Code GabrielleP25 for 25% off all of these towels and click the button below to read more about them.


Can't go to the beach without your sunnies.

A Good Beach Read

Because for some reason you read more on the beach than you do anywhere else.

Swimsuit Accessories

Because just the swimsuit is not enough.

Day Trip Outfits

Outfits for days on boardwalk or exploring the town.

Night Out Outfits

For nights at the local restaurants and clubs.

Enjoy Your Beach Travels!

xoxo, RhinestonedGypsy